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A gathering of talents and a dream together, the 2018 Tinci Innovation and Development Forum was a complete success!

Release time:2018-04-06

On March 31, 2018 Tinci Innovation and Development Forum was successfully concluded in the beautiful Jiangnan town of Anhui. Chizhou! With the theme of “Make the way forward and build dreams together”, this forum not only brought together senior experts from the industry, but also ushered in a number of heavyweight guests. Mr. Li Mingyue, Secretary of Dongzhi County Committee, Mr. Sheng Guoxing, Deputy Secretary of Dongzhi County Committee, Dongzhi County People's Government, Mr. Ye Guosheng, Member of the Standing Committee of Dongzhi County Committee, Director of Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Mr. Zhu Wensheng, Deputy County Magistrate of Dongzhi County The person in charge of the relevant departments of Dongzhi County Investment Promotion Bureau was present. Mr. Xu Sanshan, Director and Executive Deputy General Manager of Tinci Materials, Mr. Zhao Jingwei, Dean of the Institute, and Mr. Guo Shoubin, Director of the General Manager Office, attended the event. More than 40 professors, researchers and professor-level senior engineers from more than 20 universities and research institutes across the country engaged in research on fine chemical materials and new energy materials. First of all, Mr. Xu Sanshan, the director and executive deputy general manager of Tinci Materials, gave an important speech on the opening ceremony of this conference, introducing the management status of Tinci Materials in 2017 and the future development strategy of the company.

Li Mingyue, secretary of the Dongzhi County Party Committee, introduced the basic situation of Dongzhi County and Dongzhi Economic Development Zone. In the east to the economic development zone has entered the stage of accumulation of thin and thin hair, Li Shuji pointed out that Tinci materials have long been in the development, production and sales of new chemical materials, and is the leader of the industry. It is hoped that Tinci materials will give full play to the advantages of production, education and research, and increase the talent of Chizhou. Anhui Tianfu's investment has become a star enterprise in the east to the economic development zone and even the whole province, the champion of the industry, and even in Dongzhi County to build a complete industrial chain with complete upstream and downstream. At the forum, Mr. Han Heng, Director of Tinci Materials Market Development Department, released the “Tinci Industry Chain Layout and Innovation Project Demand”; Dai Jianjun, a professor at Nanjing University, stated in the report “Environmental Opportunities and Risk Analysis of Industrial Distribution along the Yangtze River” that China is emerging as a world chemical power. The chemical industry actively implements the innovation-driven strategy and the green sustainable development strategy, and takes the ecological priority green development as the guide to promote the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt! Professor Hong Yulin's special report “The rapid development and application of new materials for energy and environmental protection” and Dr. Liang Xiaochao's “Introduction to the development of electronic chemicals”... Finally, Ms. Lei Qiufen, Minister of Public Relations of Tinci Materials, introduced Tinci New Materials. The operation of the Science Park in 2017 and the achievement of excellent results showcased the strength and advantages of Tinci's operation of the new material technology incubator.

During the exchanges of the forum, leading talents from many technical fields gathered to provide suggestions for the innovation and development of Tinci materials. From the introduction of scientific research results, cooperation model of production, education and research, encouragement of innovation, operation of technology incubator, improvement of technology platform, etc., experts have fully affirmed the cooperation ideas and development direction of Tinci Materials, and also expressed their love with God. The desire for material cooperation can play the complementary role of all parties and is a win-win model for achieving rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The Innovation and Development Forum was held to indicate the development strategy and implementation strategy of Tinci in the next 10 years. The operation of Tinci New Material Technology Incubator provides a new platform and opportunity for Tianshen to cooperate with universities and research institutes. On the road of innovation of Tinci, it will attract more outstanding scientific and technological talents and excellent science and technology projects to join Tinci.

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